Elect John Lennon for Wilmington City Council

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As an entrepreneur, a father dedicated to building a better Wilmington, a current member of the City of Wilmington Planning Commission and an advocate for stronger infrastructure, better jobs, and public safety, John Lennon is the kind of leader our city needs.

John Lennon is a leading voice in Wilmington, already working to make the city a more livable and prosperous community for all citizens.

In the 25 years John has lived here, raising his family, he’s seen the evolution of our city in the twenty-first century. He’s seen firsthand the problems — lack of housing, understaffed public services, slow-moving government and more — that growing cities like ours must confront.

John was born in Washington, D.C. into a family that prized civic engagement and public service.

His mother was a social worker, and his father was a journalist who travelled the world working for Voice of America. He moved to North Carolina in 1984 to attend NC State University, where he met Beth, a Wilmington native and his wife of 32 years. After graduation, they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio for Beth’s job, and during those years John began his career in real estate, working his way up from cleaning pools, to property management, and ultimately to founding and co-owning his own real estate management company. In 1998, John and Beth moved to Wilmington to raise their family in Beth’s hometown. His three children are the third generation in their family to graduate from New Hanover High School, and his youngest graduated in 2021. His sisters and their families (along with his Mom) have relocated here as well, with one teaching at GLOW Academy and the other at UNCW.

Family NC State

In Wilmington, John has found his lifetime home.

He joined a small real estate firm, helped to guide it through various mergers and growth, and after a few years he started his own business, becoming president of the largest full-service commercial real estate firm in the city. During the Recession, he provided solutions and consulting services to banks, municipalities and non-profits across North Carolina that struggled to handle the failing real estate market related to the recession. He helped to stabilize nearly 30 community and regional banks in the southeast, working closely with state and federal regulators.

John’s journey into public service in Wilmington began with his appointment to the Mayor’s Convention Center Task Force in 2002

And then to the New Hanover County Airport Authority in 2005, on which he served for eight years, two of those as chairman. Many of the improvements seen today at the Wilmington International Airport began during John’s tenure. He was later appointed by the Governor in 2013 to the NC DOT Board of Transportation as an at-large member for Ports and Aviation for four years. He was also appointed by the Governor to establish the Governor’s Aviation Development Task Force and was instrumental in working with the Executive and Legislative branches to greatly expand the State’s investment in its seventy two airports. An Eagle Scout, John also served in various leadership roles for a local Cub Scout pack and Boy Scout troop, coached his daughter’s Halo Hoops basketball teams and was an assistant coach for Pop Warner football.

Since 2014, John has worked as the director of operations for River Bluffs, a residential development in Castle Hayne along the Northeast Cape Fear River. The community has become an award-winning example of responsible development, with a focus on preserving the riverfront and natural ecosystems that make the Cape Fear region one-of-a-kind.

Our growing city requires leaders committed to fiscal responsibility.

John has the experience to help make our city government more efficient, more proactive and more focused on customer service. As a City Councilor, he plans to bolster training and support for our Fire and Police departments; attract and retain the most qualified staff for our City; call for more timely completions of stagnant Transportation Bond projects; increase our city’s employment base for all citizens; and grow our parks and recreation resources.

Please be sure to vote on November 7th and please vote for John Lennon for Wilmington City Council.

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